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My name is Emilia, you may know me as the manager of MDL Fitness Plymouth, but I am also a qualified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.

I have been training for almost 5 years and along the way have learnt so much about how to achieve my goals within the gym. For me, not only has the gym become a place where I can work on my fitness goals, such as building muscle, gaining strength or changing my body composition, but also where I have learnt incredibly valuable life skills such as confidence, discipline and the ability to push myself past my perceived limits.

Personal Training

Whether you are a complete beginner at the gym or an experienced gym goer there is so much value in having a personal trainer. Our goals are achieved by learning and growing from our mistakes, and having a personal trainer can provide this opportunity for greater and quicker learning.

My approach to personal training is client centred, ensuring that the style of workout plan and assistance I provide is specific to the clients' goals, experiences and lifestyle. I am so excited to be offering personal training at MDL Fitness and cannot wait to see members excel in their fitness journeys!


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